What is a convertible handbag?

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At LAC we believe in functional and practical style. We see the Paris convertible handbag as being just that, one bag that can be customised to suit your mood or activity and match so many outfits.

But first, do you know what a convertible handbag is? We'd love your help by answering below:

There are many styles of convertible handbags, but for LAC, a convertible handbag allows you to remove the flaps from the top of the bag and change them with other flaps that are of a different colour or pattern. Here is a little video demonstration.

How does it work?

Each base you purchase will come with an included flap, which is already attached. On the back of the base you will see three press-studs. Simply pull the flap gently and the flap will detach from the press studs. Remember, LAC bags are made from genuine leather, so treat them kindly so you don't cause unnecessary stress to the leather.

Now, pick out another flap. Remove the protective paper and do the reverse of the above - attach the flap to the press studs on the rear of the base.

LAC convertible handbag flap attaching and detaching

Attach and detach the flaps by gently pressing or pulling the press-studs

The new flap may appear a bit stiff because it has been stored flat, but don't worry, this will soften quickly and will mould to the shape of your original flap.

If you want more customisation, try adding a different strap to your bag. Simply remove the leather strap with the metal clips and clip on the new strap.

LAC convertible handbag flaps and straps

Choose from a range of different flaps and straps for your convertible handbag


All LAC handbags are made with natural cow leather, so treat them gently. Always use the protective dust bag that came with your handbag and don't place any weight on top of this when stored.

Leather strap: keep this gently rolled so there are no unnecessary creases in the leather. However, if you accidentally cause a crease it will easily smooth out during normal usage.

LAC convertible handbag strap storage

 During storage, gently roll the strap to avoid creasing the leather

One bag, 4 looks

If you're going on a trip and want to pack light with a few handbag options, simply pack one of our bases and a couple of different flaps, maybe even a canvas strap. Now you have one bag with four different looks.

So that's it, an introduction to convertible handbags. Does this idea interest you? If so, we'd love your help one more time by answering the below:

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